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Final Detailed Programme

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Abbey (Fourth Floor)

IR15: Vocal cord immobility

Chair: Paul Tierney (UK)

Asit Arora (UK): Management of bilateral vocal cord immobility

Yakubu Karagama (UK): Different approaches to vocal cord injections

Julian McGlashan (UK): Thyroplasty


Fleming (Third Floor)

Committee on Endoscopic Laryngeal Imaging: RT 15 – Optical Biopsy: Fact or Fiction

Chair: Christoph Arens (Germany)


Christian Stephan Betz (Germany): Vertical and cellular Imaging: OCT and CLE

Petr Lukeš (Czech Republic): Horizontal Imaging: Compact Endoscopy

Georgio Peretti (Italy): Controlling the margins

Cesare Piazza (Italy): Postoperative endoscopic control

Rose Ngu (UK): Is there an US role in detecting laryngeal pathology?


Westminster (Fourth Floor)

Committee on Nomenclature and Guidelines: RT 12 – Laser Assisted Surgeries – New nomenclature and guidelines

Chair: Marc Remacle (Luxembourg)


Vyas Prasad (Singapore): Evaluation of the classification for transoral partial laryngectomies

Greg Postma (USA): Laser Assisted Upper Aero Digestive Tract Surgery Nomenclature

Aude Lagier (Belgium): Precising the different types of vocal fold immobility

Antoine Giovanni (France): Vocal fold scars. How to classify them

Anastasios G Hantzakos (United Arab Emirates): Exudative lesions of Reinke’s space


Abbey (Fourth Floor)

IR1: Anaesthesia for the difficult airway

Imran Ahmad (UK)

Richard Oakley (UK)

Reza Nouraei (UK)




Fleming (Third Floor)

Committee on High grade HPV: RT 14 – HPV related laryngeal cancer

Chair: Jens Peter Klussmann (Germany)


Selvam Thavaraj (UK): Histological aspects of high grade HPV in the larynx

Jan Klozar (Czech Republic): Clinical relevance of HPV outside of oropharynx

Francesco Bussu (Italy): Defining the real prevalence of HPV driven SCCs in laryngeal oncology: facts, myths, and open questions

Tim Waterboer (Germany): The role of HPV serology and RNA detection in laryngeal cancer


Westminster (Fourth Floor)

Committee on Laryngotracheal Stenosis: RT 9 – Innovations in the management of Idiopathic Subglottic Stenosis in Adults

Chair: Christian Sittel (Germany)


Guri Sandhu (UK): Definitive endoscopic approaches to ISS

Richard Oakley (UK): Management of acute subglottic stenosis

Georgio Peretti (Italy): Validation of the classification system of the LTS proposed by ELS

Alexander Gelbard (USA): Host – pathogen interactions drive Idiopathic subglottic stenosis


Abbey (Fourth Floor)

Vocal cord paralysis

Chairs: Milan Amin (USA), Gauthier R Desuter (Belgium)

Very Long-Term Voice Handicap Index Outcomes after Montgomery Thyroplasty: a plea for permanency of results (ID 8)
Gauthier R Desuter (Belgium), Enrique Zapater (Spain), Sebastien van der Vorst (Belgium), Severine Henrard (Belgium), Julie van Lith-Bijl (Belgium), Peter Paul van Benthem (the Netherlands), Sjögren Elisabeth (the Netherlands)

Diagnosis and management of unilateral partial inner laryngeal paralysis (ID 34)
Ryoji Tokashiki, Hiroyuki Hiramatsu, Ray Motohashi, Yusuke Shoji (Japan)

Contribution of Montgomery Implant System in medialization thyroplasty: Postoperative voice results (ID 46)
Gilles Delahaut (Belgium), Sebastien Vandervorst (Belgium), Vincent Bachy (Belgium), Georges Lawson (Belgium), Marc Remacle (Luxembourg)

Diagnostic and prognostic contribution of laryngeal electromyography in unilateral vocal fold immobility in adults (ID 57)
Florent Espitalier, Adrien Focquet, Yann Péréon, Olivier Malard (France)

Spontaneous adductor reinnervation after recurrent laryngeal nerve injuries – Its clinical importance in the treatment of bilateral vocal cord paralysis (ID 85)
Ádám Bach (Hungary), Balázs Sztanó (Hungary), Vera Matievics (Hungary), Zsófia Bere (Hungary), Gerd Fabian Volk (Germany), Andreas Müller (Germany), László Rovó (Hungary)

Vocal fold augmentation with abdominal fat for glottic insufficiency due to paralysis, atrophy and scarring: short and long-term outcomes (ID 120)
Yonatan Lahav, Doron Halperin, Liron Malka-Yosef, Hagit Shoffel-Havakuk (Israel)

Results of arytenoidectomy using Coblator II (ID 156)
Pavel Pryanikov, Nicolay Grachev, Ivan Fetisov, Dmitry Bazarov, Alexey Nasedkin, Igor Reshetov, Liliya Budeykina (Russian Federation)

Objective assessment of glottis enlargement after endoscopic arytenoid abduction lateropexy – cadaver study, 3D radiological and functional evaluation (ID 172)
László Szakács (Hungary), Balázs Sztanó (Hungary), Vera Matievics (Hungary), Zsófia Bere (Hungary), Paul F Castellanos (USA), László Rovó (Hungary)

Laryngeal electromyography: superior laryngeal nerve involvement in iatrogenic and non-iatrogenic vocal fold paresis (ID 192)
Gerhard Foerster, Kathleen Klinge, Ahmed I Nasr, Andreas Mueller (Germany)

Changes in Peak Airflow Measurement During Maximal Cough After Vocal Fold Augmentation in Patients with Glottic Insufficiency (ID 239)
Gregory Dion, Milan Amin (USA)

Awake office-based surgery for vocal fold lesions and injection laryngoplasty using a curved needle via a thyrohyoid approach (ID 18)
Ray Motohashi, Ryoji Tokashiki, Yusuke Shoji, Masaki Nomoto, Yu Saito, Kiyoaki Tsukahara (Japan)


Fleming (Third Floor)

Closing Ceremony



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