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Video Presentation - Instructions for Speakers

  • Max lenght: 7 minutes
  • MP4, 16:9 format, with or without explanation in the video
  • Upload your presentation either through Congress platform or in Speakers Ready Room

Preparing your Video Presentation

  • Please prepare your video in 16:9 format (screen are in format ratio 16:9), the traditional 4:3 (or other different ratios) video format will be also accepted, and you can use it. However, such a presentation may not look good on larger screens.

  • We recommend you save your video using .mp4 format.

  • Please provide Conflict of Interest Disclosure during your lecture.

Video description

  • You may select one of the options below to explain your video:
  • Live explanation/lecture on-site (your video will have no sound)
  • Pre-made speech already included in your video (no live explanation)

Uploading my Video

  • All presentations has to be uploaded in “Speakers Ready Room” and at least 1 hour in advance of your session.
  • We kindly ask you to bring your video on USB memory stick or External hard drive (USB-A/USB-C) to the Speakers Ready Room where the technicians will upload the presentation into the system.

Giving lecture

  • All session halls are equipped with standard presentation facilities.
  • During your presentation a remote control will be available for controlling your video (start and pause).
  • A technician is available in every session room to provide assistance when needed.
  • Please be present in the session room 15 minutes prior the start of your session and follow the instructions from the Chairs and/or technician.
  • Please observe the 7 minute allotted to you as you will not be permitted to speak for longer time.
  • At the end of the Symposium, all videos will be deleted from the presentation system and computers on-site.
  • Please be informed that presenting from your personal computer will not be permitted. All videos have to be uploaded into system in Speakers Ready Room.

All the information provided in a Video is the full responsibility of the author


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