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Round Table Sessions (RT)

Deadline for the submission of RT proposals: October 1, 2017

General information on the submission of RT Sessions

Speaker /scientific society who have been proposed to arrange a Round Table session (90 minutes) are invited to submit an application for the RT session by using the on-line RT Session Application Form below. Proposals submitted by e-mail or post will not be accepted. All proposals received will undergo a peer review by the Review Committee.

How to submit the RT Session proposal

  • Round Table sessions are 90 minutes long sessions that address current diagnostic, therapeutic and practice management of different topics of laryngology and head and neck surgery.
  • Each RT session has 1 (one) moderator, 1 (one) keynote lecturer from previous KL session (*if any) and at maximum 3 (three) panellists from different countries/continents/institutions or 4 (four) panellists if no keynote lecturer in that session.
  • RT session shall follow this schedule:
    • Short introduction of the topic and all speakers by the moderator (a maximum of 5 minutes).
    • Presentations by the moderator and speakers: each of them for a maximum of 10 minutes, totally max. 50 minutes.
    • At least 30 minutes discussion after the presentations.
    • Or if preferred, case discussion prepared by the moderator.
  • The success of the RT session highly depends on the interaction among the speakers and the moderator.
  • RT session should avoid the typical series of presentations held from the beginning till the end of the session, with no discussion whatsoever. The moderator shall plan enough time for the discussion between himself and the panellists, as well as between the panellists and the audience, and include interesting case studies, etc. to make the programme of the RT session attractive and interactive.
  • Once your application submitted, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail that your RT session proposal has been received, indicating the original submission number which has been allocated to your application. Please refer to this RT submission number in all correspondence regarding your proposal with the Congress Secretariat.
  • Notifications regarding acceptance/rejection of your RT session proposal will be sent once the review process is complete, but no later than October 31, 2017.

Guidelines for the submission of RT Session proposals

Before you begin to submit your RT session proposal, please have ready the following information requested in the on-line RT Session Application Form:

  • Topic selection: to view the list of topics, click HERE
  • Name of the organizing ELS Scientific Committee (*if any)
  • RT session title: limited to 25 words.
  • RT moderator’s details including the e-mail address for all correspondence
  • RT panellists’ details including the e-mail address for all correspondence
  • Titles of all presentations
  • All information in the Form must be submitted in English language.




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