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Round Tables

Thyroid: RT 1

Title: Prevention and management of RLN injury after thyroid surgery

Chair: Ricard Simo (UK)


Jean Paul Marie (France) – Options for intraoperative repair of the RLN during thyroid surgery
Tori Burnay (UK) – The role of the Voice Therapist when the RLN has been injured
Iain Nixon (UK) – Strategies in the management of the bilateral vocal cord palsy after thyroid surgery
Declan Costello (UK) – Management of the unilateral vocal cord after thyroid surgery

British Laryngological Association: RT 2

Title: Dysphagia

British Laryngological Association: RT 3

Title: Paediatric

BVA and Voice Day Committee: RT 4

Title: Management of the professional Voice

The Show Must Go On?
(What would you do with a performer in trouble before a performance?)

Chair: Nicholas E Gibbins (UK)

Co-chair: Nimesh Patel (UK)


Meredydd Harries (UK) – The laryngologist
Philippa Ratcliffe (UK) – The Speech therapist
Janice Chapman (UK) – The classical singing teacher
Dane Chalfin (UK) – The contemporary singing teacher
Ed Blake (UK) – The laryngeal Physiotherapist

British Association of Head and Neck Oncologists and ENT UK Head and Neck Society: RT 5

Title: Management of T3 – The controversy continues

American Laryngological Society: RT 6

Title: Sensory Neuropathy and Chronic Cough

American Bronchological and Esophageal Association: RT 7

Title: Technical Innovations in Laryngology

Dysplasia and Cancer: RT 8

Title: Management of Dysplasia – Assessment, Treatment and Follow-up

Laryngotracheal Stenosis: RT 9

Title: Innovations in the management of Idiopathic Subglottic Stenosis in Adults

Phoniatrics: RT 10

Title: Voice Assessment for Dysphonia – What we have learned


Title: EILO Current controversies and management

Nomenclature and Guidelines: RT 12

Title: Laser Assisted Surgeries – New nomenclature and guidelines

Low grade HPV: RT 13

Title: Management of recurrent laryngeal papillomatosis: What have we learned

High grade HPV: RT 14

Title: HPV related laryngeal cancer

Endoscopic Laryngeal Imaging: RT 15

Title: Optical Biopsy: Fact or Fiction

Neurolaryngology: RT 16

Title: New Therapeutic Fields in Neurolaryngology

Phonosurgery: RT 17

Title: Vocal Cord Scars: Current and Future Trends

Molecular Biology: RT 18

Title: Genetics of Laryngeal Lesions

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